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The HRM package developed by eSamstha allows you to deal with all the activities of HRM practices. A flexible and reliable holiday management and reporting system can be established using the active form of communication with your audience. You can also initiate a positive atmosphere among your clients by providing needful information within no time by using the HRM package of eSamstha. The HRM solutions provided by eSamstha are comprehensive and are based on a modular platform, which in turn helps our clients to manage their activities efficiently. eSamstha provides a wide range of features to help our customers to build practical, usable and cost-effective marketing strategies. Some of the features of HRM Package are listed below:

1. Leave Management
The leave management system (LMS) provided by eSamstha provides our clients with an all-in-one platform to handle all kinds of employee vacation requests by taking care of the smooth functioning of the rest of operations. This helps our clients to implement cost-cutting practices by eliminating the paperwork and manual interventions to avoid the obstructions in the workflow.

2. Tour Management
The tour management system (TMS) provided by eSamstha helps our clients to manage the travelling expenses, hotel bills, etc. of their employees and guests in a smooth way. The complete travel expenses during their domestic and international visits will be managed carefully with a perfect planned structure by considering the rules and regulations. The TMS also ensures a balance between the company goals and expenses made by the company towards various tours and travel management issues.

3. Tour Advance and Expenses
By using our HRM package, our clients can have a careful attention towards the advanced money related issues/topics to be followed by the employees for their tours in advance. The relevant expenditures which may occur in the tours will assessed in advance and ensure that the facilities are provided in a systematic manner.

4. Attendance Management
The attendance management system (AMS) provided by eSamstha helps our clients to generate, manage, and to maintain the payrolls, records, and taxes by avoiding the employee time theft. The AMS will keep a track of the employees at different locations/sites our clients with their attendance details, work assignments, leaves, etc.

5. Local convenience
The local convenience includes all the needful travelling facilities (such as cabs, taxis, etc.) for the employees of our clients to commute for the smooth operations of their office activities. The management of travel expenses and related bills for the purpose of local convince will be taken care and monitored in a systematic manner by using the HRM package.

6. Pay Roll
We provide a complete Pay Roll Solutions for our clients to automate the business payroll process. This will cover the attendance of the employees to payslip generation and will be useful to avoid delays in payments and payment processes.

7. Activity Tracker
The holiday management system (HMS) provided by eSamstha helps our clients to deal with the holidays of their employees and automates different types of leaves and holiday patterns. This helps the HR managers to maintain a good holiday pattern within the organization to improve employee satisfaction.

9. Holiday Management
The activity tracker provided by eSamstha helps our clients to keep a tab on each activity of the employees to reduce the uncertain events. This will help our clients to assign the internal projects and helps to monitor the assigned tasks to make the organizational decisions more perfect and to make things happen more efficiently and cost-effectively. The activities and progress of the projects in the client’s organization will carefully monitored and critically assessed with needful feedbacks by using the information and the instructions and will be tracked based on the merit and priorities of a particular project demand.

10. Reports
Different types of report generation can be done easily by using eSamstha tools from different modules (such as sales, marketing, etc.) and interlinked reports from departments of the client’s organizations. There will be a lot of time-saving provision by using this report generation process for the client’s organization to design the future plans and procedures with the generated reports.

11. Configurations
The HRM package provided by eSamstha helps our clients to arrange different types of key components in an order, based on possible combinations to perform the objectives of an organization and accomplish the mission to get successful results as a team.

Finance and Accounting

The finance and accounting tools provided by eSamstha helps our customers to summarize and analyze the reports of various financial transactions related to their business in an effective manner. The accounting software also works in sync with the Tally software and the information retrieved from Tally can be used with our systems and vice-versa.

1. Budget Allocation
The budget allocations must be carefully done by the finance and accounts department for various projects based on the merit of the budget allocations. Our tools will help the clients to manage, use and asses the budget allocations carefully.

2. Project Creation
For any kind of project creation, the finance and accounting department needs to give its permission for proceeding with new ideas after analyzing the current expenditures and all other financial transactions within the organization. Therefore a keen observation is needed for project creation and eSamstha helps our clients to do this very effectively.

3. Overall Projects
The financial department needs to consider the overall projects in a balanced way to ensure that no project is under threat due to any kind of financial backing. The financial report generated by eSamstha helps the clients to analyze the overall project costs and helps to make a decision as well.

Sales and Distribution

The sales and distribution management (SDM) package provided by eSamstha will help our clients to practice a fair approach to exchange the goods or services with all kinds of financial transactions. The complete business goals and targets for individual employees working at our client’s organization will be tracked and the needful information will be communicated in an automated way with the help of our SDM package.

Using our SDM package, the sales and distribution team can monitor different changes in the external environment with respect to the competitors, customers, regulations, etc. using the advanced technological updates in the industry. The SDM package will give an overview of complete sales and distributions channels to make critical decisions in the business plans. The structure of the business activities can be easily manageable by the sales managers.

1. Uploading the Purchase Order
At Esamstha Our core objective is to lay effective sales and distribution platform wherein, by using the latest technologies in an intelligent fashion, open up new perspectives for running a business and help to stay ahead of the competition. Our product portfolio offers solutions for each company, from service and commercial companies through to retail sales networks and accounting offices to micro companies and sole proprietorships. Explore now

2. Invoice and Sales Order
By using the SDM package of eSamstha, our clients can issue the best suitable sales orders to their customers to deal with various products or services. The SO produced by our package can provide all the details of the products with their price, quantity and different types of terms and conditions. This package can also generate the invoices of different types for our clients to ensure an error-free generation of different events in their organization.

3. Bank Guarantee
The SDM package of eSamstha can help our clients to provide suitable information about different types of bank guarantees on its dashboard to ensure error-free transactions with their customers and to help the organization in different bunk transactions.

4. Fixed Deposit
Fixed deposits are one of the important financial instruments provided by the banks or by NBFCs. These deposits help the investors to obtain a high rate of interest as compared to regular savings in the bank accounts. The SDM package of eSamstha helps our clients to highlight the overall fixed deposits a company has got and their maturity dates for planning their organizational goals in an effective manner.

5. Receivables
The complete accounts of the trade receivables are kept safely by the SDM package of eSamstha to ensure a fair transaction between the vendors and customers. These trade receivables need to be observed carefully as they are dealing with a wide range of financial transactions with the customers. High-end security is provided for the information using our package for all kinds of receivables.

6. Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
An error-free TDS calculation is very important for any company to avoid legal issues in their organizations in the long run process. Therefore our products are carefully handled by the SDM package of eSamstha.

7. Admin Operations
Various admin operations and the related safety standards to be maintained in our client’s organizations are taken care of by the SDM package of eSamstha. This helps to a larger extent in the areas of manufacturing and transportation sectors.

8. Report Configurations
Different types of reports generated from various departments and data will be documented and generated for the publications in the form of PDF, MS Word, HTML, etc. to help our clients by using our eSamstha products.

9. Overall Configurations
Different types of documents and reports are navigated and configured by our system to locate and navigate particular data with specific descriptions and designs for speedy processing of information. The clients of eSamstha will be having the advantage of getting speedy data reports and information on all types of interaction between different entities at a faster rate.

10. Dynamic Reports
Dynamic reports can be generated based on the client’s requirements and specifications to deal with a particular problem by using eSamstha products. The dynamic reporting involves run-time creation of reports involving the columns (with different widths and columns), groups, variables, charts, fonts, cross-tabs, etc. All these functionalities are well defined in our products to reduce the errors at the time of generating dynamic reports.

Asset Management

Modern institutions with a wide range of product procurement, maintenance and involvement of multiple vendors and customers need to employ the best asset management technique (AMT). Our experts at eSamstha developed dynamic asset management and tracking system (DAMTS) to help our clients in various assessments of their organizational infrastructure.

DAMTS helps to track different types of products from huge to smaller quantities/sizes in real-time environments to provide a smooth working environment. This helps the customers to utilize their time properly while working at the organizations and the production of our clients will be looking towards an excellent growth rate.

1. Asset Request
The asset request process helps the employees to request the management for different types of hardware and software requirements to progress in their tasks without any kind of delay. eSamstha provides a well-structured asset request format for its clients’ usage and will be very much helpful to save money by eliminating the over expenditures and prevents shadow IT. This will help our clients to improve employee productivity and management approval policies.

2. Assets – Bulk Upload
The architecture design of our products allow for bulk uploads of the assets information before the site is ready. Generally, the bulk upload is considered to be tricky and the possible pitfalls are generally overlooked as the legacy assets are considered towards the throwaway operation. Our products from eSamstha help the clients to go with the bulk uploads at a quicker rate and in an easy way as well.

Material Management

The role of material management (MM) plays a vital role in any company towards maintaining the best products, equipment, and infrastructure at a reasonable lowest cost for the advantage of the company. The material management system (MMS) provided by eSamstha helps our clients to accumulate the information from different vendors/suppliers and access the quotations in a defined/systematic method to ensure a great deal is accepted.

On the other hand, MMS also helps our client’s to organize procured materials, distribute and collect the material, manage the material, and auditing the material in a systematic manner. The complete integration of systems will be carried out for collecting the material information from different sources of our client location. Some of the elements of the MMS are listed below:

1. Purchase Request
The MMS provided by eSamstha helps to prepare the request within the client’s environment to obtain different types of purchased goods, services, and stocks as well. In general, this activity will be a complicated process due to the involvement of different departments within the organization. Therefore our product will help the clients to trace the exact department or manager providing a particular service and hence placing the request will be an easy task for our clients.

2. Purchase Order Dashboard
The purchase order dashboard provided by eSamstha will help you check different types of products ordered for purchase with various details, such as purchase order number, date, supplier name, gross amount, taxes, total, etc. This product helps the clients to simplify the procurement administration activity and helps in saving the employee time and efforts by avoiding the possible errors be made by the human.

3. Material Inward/Outward and Inbound/Outbound
The MMS provided by eSamstha helps our clients to create the material inward/outward orders according to the vendors demand in an efficient way due to the best integration process involved in the design of the MMS. The inbound/outbound processes also can be carried out easily by our clients towards sales returns or stock receipts.

4. Vendor invoice
The MMS provided by eSamstha helps our clients to create the vendor invoices easily and this is integrated with the Tally software. Our customers will be having flexibility of using the software easily without any difficulty as it is used in Tally software.

5. Internal Indent
eSamstha helps its clients to create internal indents, which is useful for helping the purchasing process for authorizing various requests to procure the material before initiating the purchase orders.

6. Payments Dashboard
The payments dashboard provided by eSamstha helps our clients to manage the incoming and outgoing beneficiaries to get payments on-time and with accurate details. This dashboard will be showing complete details of the completed transactions and non-payment transactions. This dashboard also integrated with the Tally software to make sure that there is no complications while using our products at the client’s base if any work is done in separately using the Tally software.

7. Stock and Stock Audit
Maintenance of the stock and performing the stock audit by using the MMS offered by eSamstha helps our clients to reduce the complications of overlapping or confusions at the time of entry and exit of the goods.

8. Branch Transfer
The transfer of different materials among the different branches of our client’s organization is made easy by using MMS offered by eSamstha. The complications involved in branch transfers have been rectified to a larger extent.

9. Vendor Management
The vendor management system (VMS) offered by eSamstha helps our clients to describe various activities involved in sourcing the vendors. This helps to obtain the quotes with pricing, capabilities, turnaround times, work quality, contract negotiations, managing the relationships, etc. by our clients in an effective manner.

10. Consumables
The MMS offered by eSamstha helps to maintain the consumables in a systematic way by implementing the best suitable procedures and formats that allow easy audits and effective maintenance.

Smart Projects

At eSamstha, we provide our clients with an opportunity to create smart projects for having the additional advantage of using the existing infrastructure in best possible ways. These smart project concepts are evolved by obtaining performance reports from different types of departments in an organization. We generate the alerts for any kind of achievements by the employees in their relevant areas and help the management to take note of those progress reports to develop smart projects.

1. Create a Project
With the help of existing information and report generations, new projects are proposed and created by the automated AI tools based analysis system developed by eSamstha. This aspect will help our clients to deal with new business prospects and can develop new project proposals easily.

2. Assign Projects
The assignment of the projects to the correct people with desired skills and knowledge will be a challenging task for most of the organizations. eSamstha helps the clients by generating the performance-based reports of the employees working with good feedbacks and efficiently. This, in-turn makes our clients take decisions for assigning the projects to the desirable candidates among their employees.

3. Budget Allocation
The budget allocation for smart projects may be a tricky thing to deal with due to the involvement of new research and development programs. A careful analysis reports are needed to take the decisions for the budget allocations. eSamstha helps their clients in terms of product evaluation and project analysis with respect to time, investments, risks, etc. and supports to use the assessment reports for designating the budget allocations at a particular area.

4. Project Resource Allocation
The project resource allocation in any company will be based on the total number of employees, projects available and resources available at the reach of the employees. This also includes labour, materials, and equipment which are in general used for the production. eSamstha helps its clients by providing the feedback reports of all its employees and work performance reports.